What is the Translating Evidence to Care for Child Farmworkers Project?

We are implementing an evidence-based policy initiative to improve the health outcomes of child farmworkers in Illinois. With a focus on occupational exposures, our team will combine a rapid literature review and complex systems research into policy action.

Where are the Gaps?

The 2014 Childhood Agricultural Injury Survey estimates that over 700,000 child farmworkers work on farms in the United States (CAIPI, 2014). About 33 children are injured in agriculture-related incidents every day, and one child dies from such incidents every three days (Perritt et al, 2017). The true incidence of occupational injuries in agriculture is likely underestimated, as 8 of 10 injuries are unreported (Leigh et al, 2014).

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What are our Project Activities?

  1. Partner with non-profit organizations and allied stakeholders
  2. Conduct a rapid literature review and policy scan
  3. Develop and disseminate policy recommendations informed by complex systems research